Mind-Body Medicine

If you have a medical problem, the is help with mind/body techniques. Reducing pain, stress, inflammation, headaches, problems with sleep, it may be time to learn to relax and manage your health from the inside out. 

Mind-Body Medicine  Mind-body medicine typically focuses on intervention strategies that are thought to promote health, such as relaxation, hypnosis, visual imagery, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, tai chi, qi gong, cognitive-behavioral therapies, group support, autogenic training and spirituality.

CognitiveBehavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external issues, such as people or events. The advantage of this idea is that you can alter the way you think so that you feel or act better even if circumstances do not change. According to the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists, CBT is a joint effort between therapist and client. Cognitive-behavioral therapists help clients learn what they want out of life and then help their clients achieve those goals. A therapist will listen, teach, and encourage, while the client expresses concerns, learns, and then implements what they have learned.


In meditation, a person learns to focus their attention and suspend the stream of thoughts that normally occupy the mind. This practice is believed to result in a state of greater physical relaxation, mental calmness, and psychological balance. Practicing meditation can change how a person relates to the flow of emotions and thoughts in their mind.

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Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor brings thirty years of experience in practicing counseling psychology with individuals and couples. His approach is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Specific specialties include; anxiety and stress management, chronic pain & chronic illness management, depression, substance abuse evaluations, employee assistance and executive coaching for workplace performance and leadership.