individual psychotherapy

Life, itself, can pose many challenges. We have all learned from the events of the last two years that circumstances and experiences beyond our control can cause emotional and physical stress. Sometimes, we just don’t have the skills that we need to navigate life’s challenges. Old wounds and negative messages can become obstacles to our happiness and achievements. Often self-doubt, anxiety and depression can creep into our lives. They can be difficult to shake.

We will work to release old stories about yourself and create new ones, to develop skills and strategies to resolve anxiety and depression and to find more satisfying life experiences. We can discuss how to make relationships that enrich your life.

Not only do I want to hear and understand your experiences, I want to offer some powerful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools to reorient your mind, body and behavior. Besides CBT, we might also utilize a psychodynamic perspective as well as some mindfulness work.

Rather than only looking at problems, I want to talk about what is great about you. By highlighting your strengths, I hope that you will feel empowered to overcome life’s challenges with a renewed sense of self