How to deal with these difficult economic times

If you are worried about what is happening with the economy, take a moment to review these ideas to help you cope and put things into perspective.

First and foremost, create or access a supportive environment of family, friends, and religious and spiritual affiliations. Talk to those who know you and love you. You can better withstand stress than if you are alone.

  • Be grateful for all that you have. Express gratitude on a regular basis.
  • Meditate. It’s a great natural relaxing method that puts the brakes on speeding stress hormones. There are many different forms of meditation, and, of course, prayer. Yoga and Tai-Chi are effective as well. Find something that works for you and do it regularly.
  • Stress erodes health in many ways, major and minor.
  • Exercise. A brisk walk or workout takes your mind off problems.
  • Play with a pet or a grandchild.
  • Be available to others. We are all in this boat together.
  • Finally, put things into perspective: “Don’t sweat the small stuff because it is all small stuff.”

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Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor brings thirty years of experience in practicing counseling psychology with individuals and couples. His approach is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Specific specialties include; anxiety and stress management, chronic pain & chronic illness management, depression, substance abuse evaluations, employee assistance and executive coaching for workplace performance and leadership.