Alcohol & the Brain

With New Years just around the corner, I don’t want to be Debbie Downer, but please check out this article from WebMD in News from HealthDay by Robert Preidt, HealthDay Reporter. Think “moderation” tonight!
Scans: Alcoholism Damages Brain’s White Matter. 

Areas tied to decision-making, such as how much to drink, seem most affected, researchers say.  Brain Scans: Alcoholism Damages Brain’s White Matter Areas.  

Keane explained in the news release that “alcoholism leads to many brain-related changes and dysfunction that decreases one’s ability to function and to heal.” And, he added, “The longer you misuse alcoholthe greater your chances are of permanent damage. So if you or someone you know needs help to reduce drinking, do it now.”

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Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor

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