CDC: Antidepressant use skyrockets 400% in the past 20 years

Janice Lloyd posted an article in USA Today that the “use of antidepressant drugs has soared nearly 400% since 1988, making the medication the most frequently used by people ages 18-44. This report comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The spike in use of anitdepressant medication has mental health professionals speculating about the reasons and possible explanations. Some cited include: 
  • the economy
  • layoffs
  • home foreclosures
  • ad campaigns by pharmaceutical companies

Treatment for clinical depression requires a thorough evaluation by a qualified mental health professional. Some common symptoms include physical, behavioral and emotional components. 

Physical Symptoms:
  • sleep disturbance, 
  • changes in appetite, 
  • decreased energy and fatigue, 
  • headaches, 
  • digestive problems, 

Behavioral Symptoms:

  • loss of pleasure and interest in activities, 
  • difficulty remembering, concentrating
  • problems making decisions, 
  • persistent empty mood, crying “for no reason”, 

Emotional Symptoms:

  • feeling hopeless, 
  • guilty, 
  • worthless, 
  • irritable, anxious or agitated and 

Lastly, if you are having thoughts of death or suicide, call for an appointment to see a therapist or psychiatrist immediately. 

We can help get you to the right treatment, so call if these symptoms and  feelings are present in your life. Antidepressants and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are very effective in treating depression.

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Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor

Dr. Mike Klaybor brings thirty years of experience in practicing counseling psychology with individuals and couples. His approach is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Specific specialties include; anxiety and stress management, chronic pain & chronic illness management, depression, substance abuse evaluations, employee assistance and executive coaching for workplace performance and leadership.