YIKES!!!! Heavy Smoking in Midlife Doubles the Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Medscape reported a recent study by Hien T. Nghiem, MD, that showed that participants who smoked more than 2 packs per day in middle age had a more than 100% increased risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, AD, and vascular dementia, compared with those who said that they were never smokers. Individuals who had quit by the time they took the survey, however, did not have a greater risk compared with never smokers, Dr. Whitmer noted.
The finding, from a large cohort of more than 20,000 people, suggests that the brain is not immune to long-term consequences of heavy smoking.

“That’s an important message. It shows that there is definitely a benefit to quitting,” she said.
It is never to late to quit. Why not start now or get a loved one to reduce their chances of Alzheimer’s Disease. We doing have a smoking cessation program at Klaybor and Klaybor. Call for more information.

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Dr. Mike Klaybor

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