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Sports Psychology & Inner Mental Training

The program allows elite athletes an opportunity to develop their athletic talents without interference from doubts, fear, and stress and performance anxiety.  Excessive anxiety can detract from performance, as a momentary lapse in attention and focus.  Competition can be transformed into growth experiences and learning experiences to challenge and enhance performance.  To become a champion, you have to think like a champion.  There are specific techniques and skills available that provide the winning edge!


Mental training and sports psychology also helps athletes to achieve optimal mental health and improve performance through the use of psychological principles. In our sessions, you will learn about mental techniques such as visualization, relaxation training, mental rehearsal, biofeedback, goal setting, hypnosis and concentration techniques to positively influence your physical and psychological development, health, well-being and performance.


Elite athletes spend a great deal of time on physical training for their particular sport. What can take an athlete from good to great is harnessing the power of their mental resources to enhance resilience, endurance, positive mental attitude and give them a mental edge over their competition.


sports psychology


Objectives of Mental Training:
To develop an individualized program targeted toward establishing a comprehensive plan for excellence in sport. 

  • To create mental discipline to perform at an optimal level.
  • To learn to master the inner mental game.
  • To acquire the tools for the regulation of stress, anxiety and fear.
  • To provide a positive mental framework for excellence in competition.


Implementation of Mental Training Techniques:
Once an assessment is completed, a plan will be created to enhance athletic performance.  The mental training plan will include:

  • Focused training in inner mental training (IMT) methods.
  • Individual counseling for each athlete.
  • Assessment of personality, anxiety, and mood states.
  • Stress management and relaxation training.
  • Practice and supervision of all techniques listed in this manual.
  • Strategy development
  • Identification of specific training and competition goals.


The Program:
Sessions are conducted on a weekly basis in a private session.  Group sessions can be arranged for teams as well:

Cognitive self-control                                        Relaxation skills
Biofeedback training                                         Hypnosis techniques
Autogenic training                                             Stress management
Thought stopping                                              Anxiety Reduction
Concentration training                                      Focus Training