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Seminars & Training

Seminars and workshops can be designed based upon your particular interests and needs. Some of the most popular include:

Dr.Michael Klaybor

  • Peak Performance in Your Career
  • Managing Test Taking Anxiety
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: Stress Management for Humans
  • Smoking Cessation: How to Start to Stop Smoking
  • Communication Fundamentals for Marriage
  • Positive Psychology in the Workplace
  • Managing Chronic Pain
  • Overcoming Procrastination and Perfectionism
  • The Happiness Formula

Dr. Gayle Klaybor

  • Finding Happiness After Trauma: The Untold Story
  • Why Lawyers Get Depressed: Understanding The Specific Risks
  • Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy When you Suffer Fibromyalgia
  • Improving Relationship Communication When One Of You Has MS
  • Learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: The Expanded View
  • Does Your Child Have A.D.H.D. Or Is He A B.R.A.T.?