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Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Sometime, in almost everyone’s life, a problem or situation occurs that feels overwhelming or very difficult to disentangle or explain. A person may feel lost, confused, and uncertain about where to turn. Individuals may feel hopeless, depressed, worried, anxious, or angry about what is happening to them. Sometimes people just want to understand themselves and their reactions better as they move through the junctures of their lives.


Individual Therapy


Individual therapy provides a private and confidential setting to explore a specific problem, a sense of loss of direction and purpose, or a general dissatisfaction with life. Therapy is a way of increasing understanding, coping skills and choice. The therapeutic process is not focused on giving advice or prescribing a particular course of action. Successful therapy involves the development of strategies and changes right for each person.


Features of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Therapy is active-therapist and client collaborate to solve problems
  • Focus on “here and now” problems
  • Emphasis on altering ways of thinking (cognitive aspect)
  • Constructive change involves helping clients take actions that are likely to lead to desirable results (behavioral aspect)


Sometimes, painful feelings and memories emerge. Clients may wonder if they can handle these feelings and memories. We are here to support each person through any painful emotions and we believe that acknowledging and dealing with pain appropriately can lead to greater self-awareness and fulfillment. We aim to develop a therapeutic alliance and help clients tell their stories and reconceptualize their problems in a more hopeful way.