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Grief Counseling


Losing a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience. Facing death and experiencing grief occurs for virtually everyone. It is normal and expected to feel sad, numb, regret, or even anger and guilt. As time passes, most of these feelings fade and people who have lost someone accept the loss and move forward.


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Sometimes, however, people have difficulty moving forward and their grief and bereavement becomes more complicated. In complicated grief, feelings and memories become so intense and long lasting that everyday functioning at work or in their personal becomes hard or even impossible.


Grief counseling helps people identify and express feelings about their loss and about the person who has died. It is important to identify any unexpressed thoughts and feelings that get in the way of the person coming to terms with the loss and returning to a fulfilling life. Grief counseling is always done with sensitivity to each person’s individual timetable for resolving the grief process