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Family Therapy

family therapy klaybor

Families can be the best source of support, strength, and love. Healthy families help children grow into independent and emotionally healthy adults. In challenging times, family members can provide a network of guidance, reassurance and comfort. Families can also be a huge source of grief and pain.


Whether it be a mental illness or addiction of a family member, adjustment to a divorce or blended family, or managing a particularly difficult teen, family therapy can help. Family therapy can improve communication, reduce conflict, and increase the pleasure of being a member of a family. In family therapy sessions, you and your family will examine your family’s ability to solve problems and express thoughts and feelings. You may explore individual roles, family rules and values, and behaviors that contribute to conflict or cooperation and support.


The focus of family therapy is not to blame individual family members but to understand interactions and reactions between family members that lead to emotional distance and discord. Developing new coping mechanisms and communication strategies results in a happy, productive family.