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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

CEOs and world record holders are more self-confident, more competitive, and have a greater need to be in control than 85% of the general population. These qualities give them the motivation and the ability to stay focused on critical issues when it really counts. Even more important is the honesty and self-awareness that allows CEOs to be selective about the right areas in which to focus efforts.


Our goals will be to help you "see the big picture", to pull together information in order to analyze, plan, and predict future business trends. I will give you an objective view of your observations in a safe, confidential and proven environment. Coaching will give you the edge you need to improve your interpersonal skills, create life balance and enhance your confidence.


Utilizing principles from the psychology of sport, positive psychology, communication systems and other methodologies, we will enhance your awareness, leadership skills, communication, performance, and personal goals that you want to pursue. These services are in 4 phases:


Phase 1 - Develop Formal Commitments


During this phase we meet with the client/sponsor to identify the performance issues, formulate outcomes, clarify expectations and get commitments. A coaching workbook is given to each person with general information and different assessment tools. We begin with the DiSC, a validated assessment instrument designed to help with role behavioral analysis.



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DiSC has the following reports available:


    • Work Expectations
    • Time Mastery
    • Behavioral
    • Personal Listening
    • Team Dimensions
    • Coping with Stress
    • Action Planners
    • Discovering Diversity
    • Role Behavioral Analysis
    • Group Culture Report


Phase 2 - Gather Information & Creation of Professional Development Plan


During this phase we gather information about performance issues, we will review any existing performance data, conduct interviews, and complete assessments/questionnaires. I will provide feedback and help the client create a professional development plan. I also get commitments for Phase Three. (Note: Phases One and Two usually take 2 to 4 weeks.)


Phase 3 - Coach


During this phase the actual coaching process begins. Depending on requirements this can be a mixture of face to face, webcam meetings, telephone and email sessions. I am completely flexible with regards to this.


Phase 4 - Evaluate and Follow Up


This is the last phase of coaching, which involves evaluating and understanding your coaching, as well as following up. We look at metrics and measures for productivity, communication enhancement, work/life balance, emotional intelligence improvements in relating to co-workers and evaluation of the coaching experience.


We now have the capability to work over the Internet through secure, encrypted video conferencing platforms. Face-to-face sessions are also available. Please call 713-470-9078 to discuss the details on how to connect.