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Employee Assistance Counseling

Personal difficulties are the world population’s most common denominator, distracting employees and seriously affecting their job performance. Employee assistance counseling provides mental health assessment and treatment, substance abuse counseling, consultation with family problems, coaching and wellness programs as a benefit to employees. Common issues addressed in this brief counseling approach includes; treating anxiety and depression, managing stress, enhancing personal relationships, addiction treatment, or helping manage financial/legal concern.


EAP services


The employee assistance process begins with a face-to-face assessment, short-term counseling, referrals as needed for specific life problems that can interfere with job performance and overall well-being. All services are always kept strictly confidential.


On a corporate level, employee assistance counseling to helps improve company morale, retain valuable employees, reduce health costs, improve attendance, improve performance, resolve conflicts, obtain effective business solutions with employees and improve productivity by providing one-to-one consultation and treatment. This work entails conducting focus groups, team building, conducting a 360 evaluation of employee performance and much more. In addition, we can provide management consultation in troubled employee situations to help supervisors better understand and assist employees having job performance, conduct, and attendance problems.